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Invisible Newts

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My hubby and I each have a 55 gallon tank. This is because he decided he wanted to get Oscars and they just didn't mix with my Livebearer breeding community. So, he got 4 Oscars. A few weeks later, he was out with a friend setting Shiner traps for ice-fishing and he came home with 2 Eastern Striped Newts for me. I put them in my tank and decided they were just toooo ugly so one day while he was at work, I stuck them in his tank. Two tales here:

The first - about two weeks after they were in his tank, one of them disppeared. We figured it had climbed out since the Oscars weren't big enough to eat it. One day I was looking in his tank and saw this piece of clear flesh drifting through the plants. Upon closer inspection, we saw that it was a perfectly formed Newt Skin (it had moulted, or something). It was very neat, you could even see it's little round fingertips. It ended up getting eaten by a particularly piggy Oscar named "Minnie Me", "Dr. Evil's" sidekick.

The second - after that newt reappeared, the other one disappeared. Yesterday, I saw a commotion going on in the upper corned of the tank and saw what appeared to be an Oscar fight - WRONG!! - it was actually the Oscar trying to eat the Newt. It had the Newt in it's mouth up to it's armpits, the Newt flipped around and somehow managed to pull itself out of the Oscars mouth. Gross! Now the Newts are back in my tank!

Contributed by Stacy

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