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Net Jumping Betta

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I am a rookie fish keeper from St. Louis, MO. I have a livebearer tank with Platies, Mollies and a couple of Ghost Shrimp. I also have a tank with Gouramis and a small tank with a Betta and some White Clouds.

My story is about the livebearers. I had a batch of about 10 fry that were on their way to maturing. I fed them as often as I could and cleaned the breeding net. I realize that the net is not a proper home, but it was easier than a separate tank for me at my knowledge level. It had been about 4 weeks since they were born.

I had a Betta in a glass pitcher because I had not purchased a permanent home yet. Anyway, I put him in the livebearer tank, thinking that was a good idea. Well it was not, for several reasons. I had just cleaned and filled the tank, so the water level was high.

The worst thing that you could imagine happened. My girlfriend went into the room to look at the babies (that's the only way I could get her excited about my addicting hobby). She said, "Your Betta is in the net with the babies!" I said, "No it's not. It's in the tank but not in the net." But I decided to look anyway. It was! It had jumped into the net and ate all of the fry!

I was devastated. I suppose that is one more reason Bettas are kept alone!

Contributed by George E. Gantner IV

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