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Missing Cory

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At the end of a year at college, I was faced with the task of transporting my 10-gallon aquarium and fish to my home four hours away. I decided the best way to accomplish this would be to buy a big rubber storage bin and put my fish in it along with a few gallons of water. Everything worked out great, and when I got home I started siphoning the water from the rubber bin back into the tank. While the water was siphoning, I went back out to the car to unload a few more items. When I got back I went to make sure there wasn't any water leaking or anything, and noticed that one of my corys was missing! I looked all around on the floor and in the bin, but couldn't find him anywhere. I had just convinced myself that it must have sloshed out and died in the car somewhere, when I got an idea. I lifted out the opaque siphon tube and sure enough! Out plopped a cory. I put him in the tank and he's alive and well to this day!

Contributed by David LaFleur

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