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Mr. Lover

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Well my story is about a fish that I own named Mr. Lover - The Survivor. Mr. Lover is now a huge Comet Goldfish who grew up from 3 cm. For one thing I bought him four years ago at a fair, thinking he'd die in about a week (by the way he came with a Minnow called Fatty). I was pretty stupid (that is, in knowledge of fish). Well, to get to the point he has lived through what I think is about 10 deaths. He has lived through bad ammonia poisoning, a terrible bit of stress, living in a cup for three days, living without me putting dechlorinator in the water after a water change for about 5 days, and many others. But all of this made him stronger and stronger. He also grew 3 cm in about two weeks after eating Fatty. He is now four years old and is about 18 cm long.

Contributed by David

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