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It's *MY* lettuce!

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I have a Kuhli loach that I like to call Loachy Boy. In my tank I have a food clip, you know, the standard kind with a suction cup on them. Well, one day I was giving my fish their blanched romaine lettuce, and I noticed that Loachy boy was sitting in the food clip. I thought "Oh, that's cute" and I opened the clip and he fell out and went under a rock. Well, about 2 hours later I came to take the lettuce out and I noticed the fish hadn't eaten much so I took it out and put it in the garbage. The next day I couldn't find Loachy Boy and I looked everywhere. After about an hour of looking I gave him up for dead. Later I went to take out my garbage can, but as I was doing so I knocked it my surprise Loachy Boy fell out of the lettuce in the garbage! I quickly picked him up and put him in the tank. He swam around looking confused, but after an hour he was back to his normal self, even after a whole day in the trash can wrapped in lettuce! The next day I put the lettuce in and Loachy Boy went up there, and I realized why the fish hadn't eaten the lettuce: Loachy Boy was guarding it! Every time a fish came near he would shoot out and scare them away. Later, when I threw out the lettuce I looked twice.

Contributed by Andrew Atchison

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