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Invasive Relocation

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This is a story that can't be forgotten!

I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Two weeks ago we were fishing and caught a pacu the size of a dinner plate! We had no idea what kind of fish this was...we were amazed at the size of it and how pretty it was, but while we were excited about this and wondering what to do with it we caught 4 more! So we put one in our fish tank and released the others (we had to have proof of this one!) and started our quest on finding out just what kind of fish this was. We came across the Gallery section of this web page and we would like to thank you for having it, the pictures and info were more than helpful.

Two days later we were fishing again and caught an oscar! We kept it and it seems to be happy sharing a tank with 1 tetra, 2 comets, 1 algae eater and 2 catfish. So it just goes to show you that people that turn their fish loose because of whatever reason do survive sometimes (which is bad because they can disturb the native fish populations) and some of these do go on to another home, even if with the help of a hook!

Contributed by Kelley Loe

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