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The Oscar's Friend

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We have one Oscar and he is great. We got him when he was very small and used to buy him feeder danios, till he got a bit bigger. He had one danio that he didn't eat...they were friends. Even when we would put new feeders in there he still didn't eat that fish. Now he is a lot bigger and eats goldfish and pellets. But he still had that little friend. They were in the tank for about 6 months. The last time we bought goldfish there was a smaller brown one in the bunch. The next morning when I woke up I went out and sit by the tank and my friends usually come and greet me, but I noticed the Oscar was just sitting on the bottom of the tank and there where 3 goldfish left (which is unusual). Then I noticed his little friend was gone :(. I think what happened is he was going after the little brown goldfish and got his little buddy. And now he is sad and has not eaten the other goldfish and it has been 5 days. He will eat his pellets but nothing else. I feel bad for him, he is just not himself anymore. I hope he will come out of it. They are very loving fish I think. Oscar...that is what we call him, loves to be petted and to be hand fed. This is a great site and I just wanted to add my story so everyone will know that Oscars have feelings too.

Contributed by Cass

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