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When I was working in a fish shop, we had a real neat marine tank with a Queen Triggerfish (Balistes vetula) in it. For those who aren't familiar, this kind of fish has incredibly powerful jaws and teeth to crush corals, shells, etc, and can be called anything but shy. Our particular specimen was still small, about 10 cm. One day a large group of girls arrived and was admiring that tank, so one of the owners decided to make an impression. He started showing off all his knowledge to the girls, about the tank and the fish, and kept teasing it with his finger near the water surface. Needless to say, at a certain moment he got distracted, and the fish came up and CHOMP! He instinctively pulled his hand out of the tank, and out came the fish still stuck on his finger, until at the end of the pull it got released and flew way across the room, a good 10 meters! In the middle of the girls' screams and the bleeding owner's embarrasment, I picked up the fish and put it back in the tank.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

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