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The Feeder Who Lived

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I was buying a cichlid I call Ares (Greek god of war, he's very agressive) at a local pet superstore. I walked up to the tank with the larger cichlids, from 9 to 14 cm. I decided that Ares would be the one to buy, being a beautiful Venustus. Before the clerk was attempting the capture, we had a little discussion about my cichlids at home, who were hardly agressive at all. They were so friendly in fact, that when I gave them feeders as a treat once a month, they would usually not eat them! The clerk decided to show me how vicious the ones at the store were. She grabbed 4 or 5 feeders out of the goldfish tank (with her bare hands, to my surprise) and threw them in the cichlid tank. Within seconds, the goldfish were gone! I was amazed compared to the ones I already had. As the lady was trying to catch Ares with the net, he got so stressed that he spit out one of the feeders, still alive! It was funny, and kinda gross.

Contributed by Lauren Hogan

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