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Fat Louie: A Survivor's Tale
A feeder with a happy ending

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This is the story of a resilient and extremely determined goldfish named St. Louis. While sitting for a high school room-mate's 200 L tank of vicious fish, I discovered a sac of fish on the sideboard with a small note taped to it. In effect, it read "Two every day, skip Thursday." At first, I was puzzled, but to my horror, he had meant me to give his fish some live food.

Well, I didn't want him to return home and find his fish half-starved, so I put in two feeder goldfish in the tank. One of the fish didn't last two minutes, as I looked away to get the other. The second, a shiny golden fish immediately hid for cover. I didn't want to watch the horrid scene, so I left to do some light housekeeping. Apparently, the bigger fish seemed frightened of him. I left in the afternoon, expecting him to die. To my surprise, the goldfish was unharmed the next day! I eventually took him home, as a true underdog, and let him stay in my tank. He grew, and grew, until he was about the size of my hand--no exaggeration!

Then, I learned of a family tragedy that meant moving back to my hometown; Fat Louie had to go. I was destroyed; how could I abandon him? Eventually, my high school put him in a Koi pond in front of the horseshoe-shaped entrance. Before I left, I gave them my contact number to fill me in on his well-being. I'm now a college student, and Fat Louie is still fat and happy!

Contributed by Kim

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