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Double Divers

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My kitten (she isn't really a kitten she will be a year in about a month and a half) and her sister were helping me "clean" my tank the other week. Cali (my darling) decided she could balance on the edge of the tank and reach in (which has no top and no fish in yet, I was just trying to sort out water). She was batting at her reflection and doing really well until her sister Raz decided she wanted to join in on the fun. Of course, when Raz jumped up she missed and slipped and both of them ended up in the tank. Scared the $#!+ out of both of them and I just stood there laughing my @$$ off because the looks on their faces were priceless. They don't venture near the tank very often anymore! In fact, Cali has also gotten her head stuck in my empty fish bowl too, I heard a funny meow and I discovered her with both front legs and head in the bowl. Still to this day she won't go within a 100 meter radius of it! Cats are so silly!

Contributed by Dee

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