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Being a new keeper of fish I started with what I thought a "friendly" tank. A few swordtails, guppies, platies, etc. Well, I have also loved Neon Tetras so I also bought 10 of these cute little fish. One night at tea I come back and find 2 neons dead. Previously healthy, they just died. I was a bit shocked, removed the fish and went on thinking I had mad a beginner error. By morning 3 where left. I was a little concerned. I happened to be in my room reading as to possible reasons when I saw some action in the tank. I looked up and one of my female swordtails was chasing a neon. Not fast but persuing nonetheless. The swordtail stopped, waited and dove in grabbing the neon by the tail. I was stunned! The next action dropped my jaw. The other female in the tank came screaming from around a plant stack I have and literally obliterated the poor neon the other female was holding by the tail! I have never seen fish team up like that, especially swordtails. After removing the swordtails from the tank for around 2 hours and placing them back I have had no problems (although I am hesitant to replace my neons just yet). I don't think genetically modified Swordtails will have the same fear factor as Blue Mako sharks though...

Contributed by Slothman

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