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Duo Death Match

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Not quite so long ago, when I was a freshman in college, I owned a couple of red belly piranhas. They were small, about 2 inches long. One day I was at the farmer's market and saw that they were selling live crawfish. So I decided to buy a couple of them and put them in the tank with the piranha, just as sort of an experiment to see what would happen. Well, the piranhas that I had were extremely aggresive. So naturally, they attacked the crawfish, bitting at their extremities. The crawfish, however, were not completely defenseless. They were well armored and alot tougher and bigger than the feeder gold fish that the piranha usually kill. So the two piranhas and the two crawfish were pretty evenly matched, so I thought, until...... One day I came back to my dorm room after class, I looked into the fish tank and noticed that one of the crawfish was dead(doh!). I also noticed that the other crawfish was missing, ??missing?? Where the hell did it go? If he was dead, where was his body? I began searching all over my room. After a few minutes, one of my friends in a dorm room down the hall yells out: "Hey man, is this your crawfish in the hallway?" I ran out there and looked and sure enough, my other crawfish was dragging himself through our dorm hallway. Later on we deduced that he had managed to haul himself out of the tank using one of the airhoses next to the tank wall. He then survived the 4 feet plunge from the tank to the floor and then he managed to squeeze himself out of my dorm room through the crack between the door and the ground. I was amazed. I put him back into the tank. After a couple more days, he was dead, hehehe, killed by the piranhas no doubt.

Contributed by Steve Lin

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