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How The Convicts Learned Their Lesson

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Long ago in Central America, there was a huge gang of human convicted criminals. They would steal everything they could: jewels, diamonds, anything they could get their hands on.

They had a secret lair which no one but them knew about. They had hundreds of people in the group, each was in a smaller group with a leader, but the main leader of the group was called Cichlid.

Every morning they would train with different fighting techniques and at night they would go out their secret opening under the water - their lair was an underwater cave that no one had even known about. One night, when a small group went out to look for a house to rob, they found a newspaper that said " Spencer - A Crazed Midseason Killed In His Lonely Home!"

Not thinking twice, the group went off to the house. They looked around and found an open window in the back. They snuck in and went upstairs, they split up and went taking everything in sight, but then one of them was in the bedroom and something slowly crept up on him, step by step, until he turned around and a yell was heard through the house. The other men jumped and almost ran, but went to the bedroom instead. There was nothing there except a fish tank with a striped fish in it. They decided to keep stealing everything, but then two of the men were in the kitchen stealing food when again something crept up on them and more screams went through the house. Now terrified, the men darted down the stairs and out the door, but just as they were going outside one of them saw a golden book and grabbed it as he ran.

Once they returned to the lair they went to Cichlid and told him everything, but he thought they were crazy. He grabbed the book from the man, flipped the pages and read - "Wake The Spirit Of The Fish And Let The People Do As He Wished!"

Then he dropped it and laughed at the words, thinking that it was just a silly rhyme that meant nothing, but then a wind blew all through the cave. The ghost of Spencer appeared in front of Cichlid and cackled. Cichlid was frozen in fear and then Spencerís ghost said "The time has come for you to be jailed, jailed into the body of what you have become!"

And with that the wind blew harder. The cave started to flood and then Spencer said - "You shall be jailed into the body of a fish! A fish until your life is done!"

Suddenly every human convict started to get gills, started to shrink then became a fish. Cichlid changed into a Convict Cichlid. His entire cave was being consumed with water and all around there were striped fish, pink fish and all other different kinds!

Soon all that was left was the golden book. It gushed out through the opening and drifted for 50 years, until it reached shore and a big man named Oscar picked it up and went off...

Contributed by Debbie MacDonald

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