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The Circle of Life

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A long time ago I bought 2 pairs of cichlids, striped and albino convicts, and placed them in a pond. They eventually bred and multiplied and I always thought I had about 20 of them, but when I decided to reduce the size of the pond I discovered that I had 70 fish! I had to distribute them to friends and family, as I could not keep so many.

The 30 odd fish I did keep in a tank suddenly contracted white spot disease. Although I treated the tank, it was too late and in a space of 3 days I had lost all my fish. I kept the water in the tank for 6 days, deciding to drain it during the weekend. But the day before I was going to do this I discovered to my amazement small fry swimming in the tank!

The fish had laid eggs prior to contracting the disease, but I thought they had been eaten by the other fish as I did not see it after some time. I was so happy, as I'd had these fish for over 10 years and was sad to seem them all wiped out. But looks like nature has a way of making sure generations do survive!

Contributed by Michael W.

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