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Well, it was near Christmas and I really wanted my older sister to get me some sea monkeys as a present (I'm only 13). Well, it's Christmas day and I'm really excited about getting my new pets, but instead she got me a 1 liter fish bowl with 6 Neon Tetras, and for me this was all pretty cool, being that I'm the youngest of 4 and we have 3 family cats, and I always get picked on, now I have something to call my own. So about January the Neons slowly died (from Ich, cats in the bowl, bad water, etc). I decided that with enough paper rought money I was ready for a real tank. So, being the inexperienced little fish man I am, I went down to the fish store and bought a 40 liter, undergravel filter, overhead filter, air pumps AND some fish to go along: blue zebra danio, gold zebra danio, chinese algae eaters, molly's and rasboras. I had a pretty cool tank. So it's moving day about a month later, so being the smart person I am I thought I could just move the whole tank with everything inside. It worked out fine (I thought), and we got to our new house. I wake up the other morning and half of the water is on the floor. Everything is wet. I tried to repair it and nothing worked, so I had to buy a new one and get some new fish. So, down to the pet store again (becoming a regualr costumer) and got 3 Pangasius sutchi (they grow to be 1 meter, which I didn't know), 2 bala sharks, 4 giant danios, 2 plecos and I'm doing fine today, except the occasional jump-out-of-the-tank game the bala sharks play with me (and it's really getting old) and the occasional bump-into-glass-with-head game the Pangasius sutchi play with me.

Contributed by Bryce Reidinger

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