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Against All Odds

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It had been a number of years since I'd had a tank set up. My daughter, Shaynna, had just turned 3 and was fascinated with fish. What the heck, I though, I'll pick her up some feeder gold fish...very inexpensive pets! Hahaha...well, within a couple of weeks I set up my remaining little tank as I'd sold all of the other tanks off years before. So, from the goldfish bowl to the tank. Of course, I had to have a fish or two now. All the gold fish but one had died before setting up the 60 liter. My daughter named the fish "Goldie". She couln't wait to see her "Goldie" swimming around the "big tank". So, before the tank had a chance to cycle in went the fish! Goldie lived! Time went by and I had aquired an Oscar. I'd had one before but never raised it to its full potential (it leaped to its death). Knowing full well that I'd be needing a rather huge tank soon, I also purchased a couple other little fish for now. My daughter loved to watch the fish and soon knew each of them by name, i.e, Rainbow Shark, Oscar, Pleco.

I was out in the garden one lovely spring day daughter in and out of the house with me. I lost track of time as I worked away when it dawned on me that my daughter was no where around! I ran into the house calling her name frantically. She pops out around the corner with "Hi Mommy, I love you". Of course we all know what those words really mean! I resigned myself to having something really wrong and headed for the living room with my daughter yelling "No Mommy, don't go in there!" Water everywhere! Oh, and the Little Mermaid doll happily floating in my half full tank, her hair stuck in the filter. Where was goldie?? All the other fish were present...terrified, but present. I searched high and low...the fish nets were up high and untouched by my daughter. Finally I gave up and cleaned the carpet and removed the doll in the tank. On my way up the stairs I noticed a half eaten bowl of cereal left on the steps. Upon closer examination there appeared to be something wriggling in it! Goldie! I have no idea how Shaynna managed to get the fish out of the tank without a net...and hate to think how many times it was dropped on the floor and maulled...but goldie seemed to suffer no ill effects from her travels.

Well, it was 3 months before I purchased a sufficient tank for Oscar so in the meantime Goldie and Oscar had to get along...well, I guess Oscar realized that Goldie should be dinner and although far too large for him to eat (couldn't even fit a guppy in his mouth), pursued the goldfish constantly. Shaynna was quite upset watching her fish scurring around the tank all the time in hopes to find some refuge from Oscar. Back into her bowl she went. I felt badly for the little fish who'd survived so much to be dumped back in such a confined living space. Shaynna agreed to let goldie live with my best friend (and her kids) in their 150 L corner tank...complete with guppies! Haha. Well, of course Goldie loved her new home, grew substantially, and of course also enjoyed her fresh food (guppies). Goldie thrived and enjoyed the company of her new tank mates...Silver Dollars. Often she'd throw herself against the glass at feeding time!

One day, Goldie experienced another encounter with a small child, this one with a big dog bone! You guessed it! Smash! water and fish all over the floor. Goldie was missing...yes, there was still water in the tank...not completely empty, but Goldie was nowhere...I guess we all figured the dog or cat ate her before she could be rescued. The remaining fish were left in the rampaged remains of their home until another fish friend had a chance to get them. Upon dismembering the rest of the tank, someone noticed what looked like a fish, was stuck in the filter..figuring it was a dead fish, my friend waited for her hubby to come home and deal with it. Well, if it wasn't alive and kicking! There was Goldie, seemingly just fine! I suppose she is off to a new adventure in a new tank! For a feeder fish, she's certainly managed to beat the odds!

Contributed by Debbie Sibeon

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