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redfin1.jpg (20Kb)

Nibbling algae on a rock. (DEC 98)

Name: Epalzeorhynchus frenatus
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Thailand (Mekong R.)
12 cm 7.5 10 27oC

Because it's relatively easy to "fix" the appropriate genes, one of the first variants developed from a wild strain of any species is usually the albino, and the Red-Fin variant is one of the most popular albinos in the hobby. As with any albino, these fish tend to be bothered by strong light, and prefer to stay in the more shaded areas of the tank. So it's important to have plenty of these shades, to keep them more comfortable. Apart from this, the behavior is basically the same as the normal strain.

I added the 2 albinos mainly because they're beautiful, but also with the reasonable excuse of trying to pacify the brown Red-Fin Shark that was bullying my black Red-Tail Shark (and it worked). After they were introduced, one of them chose a shelter in the back of the tank and I rarely see him, but the other chose to stay between some Eleocharis and a rock, right in front of the tank, so photographing him was easy. They're both about 8 cm long and until now have showed no signs of aggression among themselves or with the other Labeo's.