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Whisper Internal Micro Filters

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Tetra Whisper Micro Filter

Tetra Whisper Internal Micro Filter
Up to 265 Liters per Hour (70 gph)

Tetra - Whisper Internal Micro Filters


I got this filter as part of a setup for a small tank. As with the rest of my Whispers that I got at Wal-mart, I have had problems with decreasing flow rate, leaving the water dirty. I have since upgraded to a larger filter. My advice: stick with aqua-clear.

Contributed by Squeagy Bechinheimer

Love these things! I have 4 tanks that are 5 G or under, these things keep the water crystal clear and they are so quiet. If I disturb the substrate and cloud up the water, it's only a matter of minutes before it's clear again. After about 6 weeks the flow will spill over the sides of the unit instead of a neat waterfall, that's when you change the filter (the instructions say that too). My minnows play in the waterfall!

Contributed by Sand

I have had one of these filters on my 10 gallon tank (which is over the recommendation), but it does its job. The only problem that I've had is it didn't always stay very quiet. So I just put it in hot water, took it apart, and used an old toothbrush to clean up all the brown algae stuff growing in it. It is a good filter, and it was only $9.

Contributed by Tony

I have these filters on my 2 small tanks. They seem to work pretty well, though the flow rate decreases over time. Other weak points include the facts that they get loud occasionally, and though they have adjustable flow it is hard to reach without removing the filter. Oh yes, and you have to put the cartridges together (I'm rather clumsy). I sleep with one in my room, though.

Contributed by a visitor

I bought one of these. Too much filter for my 10 liter tank and just not right for a 40 L. Maybe fine on a 20 L, but I would stick with a whisper 5/10 for that application. I put mine in a 40 L bio-farm tank and it seems to be fine in there.

Contributed by Jeff Townsley

It keeps my 20 gallon nice and clean and it's only rated for a 2-10 gallon! I am upgrading even so. It keeps the water clean and is really whisper quiet! I will recommend for only those with not that big of a bioload.

Contributed by Caton

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