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Whisper In-Tank Power Filters

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Tetra Whisper In-Tank Power Filter

Tetra Whisper In-Tank Power Filter 10i
Up to 340 Liters per Hour (90 gph)

Tetra Whisper In-Tank Power Filter 20i
Up to 470 Liters per Hour (125 gph)

Tetra Whisper In-Tank Power Filter 40i
Up to 640 Liters per Hour (170 gph)

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Tetra - Whisper In-Tank Power Filters


I have gone through Marineland and Aquaclear and settled on using the Whisper In-Tank's in my aquariums. Yes I still have the others up and running, but after you have your Whisper running the bacterial grid does a GREAT job. The use of disposable carbon filters is still not the best option but a cheap, and easy to use one. I will say this: the sponge filter from other companies is superior, but the initial cost and midline quality of filtration from the Whisper Intank makes it the best buy for first time aquarists.

Contributed by J. Witt

I have a Whisper 10i on my 5 G, and I couldn't be happier. I thought about a mini, such as the next smallest Whisper, but since I planned on keeping Dwarf Puffers (poop-machines!), I figured it might not be enough. Keep this unit below or 1-4 cm above the water-line and you'll never hear a thing.

Contributed by Marty Kranz

In my experience I had bought this filter to try and see how it would work. There are different capacities and one that I'm most familiar with is the Whisper In Tank i-20. This one is for tanks from 20 to 30 gallons. This new and multi purpose filter is quiet and can be used for turtle tanks, where the water level is usually lower than in a fish tank. The advancement of this is that the filter does not get damaged with low-water levels and thanks to the cascade falling flow, oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged by an on going cycle of water flow. As other usual filters, this filter has three main stages of filtration, wool (mechanical), activated carbon placed in between the filter cartidge (chemical) and a black coloured mesh with special biological substances which will clear the water of impurities after it has passed through the three main stages. But this isn't what it makes it so unique. The fact that you can hang it by a click-holder inside of the tank and have low water levels at the same time makes this a very long lasting filter. You can also take the clip hanger off and put two suction cups (which are suplied with the filter) on the rear of the filter to choose a height level, however you like it. I had no main problems with this i-20 inside filter. In order for it to be long lasting be sure to clean up the mesh and to replace cartidges periodically. This filter has no other main problems and I would recommend it for small tanks or if chosen by opinion, can be used for larger tanks (55 gallons and up) along with other Tetra power filters. The combination of this filter with others is really a great one.

Contributed by Julian Riano

I've had the Whisper 20i for a few months now. My tank is the maximum size it is rated for. I keep a group of 4 small goldfish in it. It has no trouble priming itself at all. It also hasn't stopped on me yet. The only disadvantage that I think it has is that the motor gets clogged quickly. You have to unscrew the bottom and clean out all the stuff inside. I like the biofoam though. It is very good for beneficial bacteria. The motor makes an annoying sound though if it is not maintained properly.

Contributed by Brian Abrigana

I have the small one on my 20 L and the larger one on my 75 L long. I LOVE them. They make zero noise and are easy to clean. The small one has a flow control too, so that if you don't want to rustle up the water too much you don't have to. Fairly inexpensive too. Easy to add to an existing setup also for extra filtration when called for.

Contributed by Sandy

I hate this filter!! Not for it's filtration, but for the way it is hung on the tank. Right off the bat I had problems with the clip NOT staying atached. I tried to use only the suction cups and they were not strong enough to keep it in place. I have to be very careful...if I bump it or move it at all, the clip comes off and the whole thing falls in the tank, and the suction cup pulls out of the filter housing when that happens.

Contributed by Todd

I just got this filter to help start my 20 G long planted tank. It works fantastic. The tank cycled easily, the fish love the current, and my shrimp haven't been sucked up!

Contributed by Jim

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