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Whisper Triad Power Filters

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Whisper Triad

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Model Number 10 20 30 40 60
Aquarium Size (L) <40 <80 <120 <160 <240
Aquarium Size (G) <10 <20 <30 <40 <60

Tetra - Whisper Triad Power Filters


I have and am currently using this filter for my 20 gallon and 30 gallon tanks. I would recommend this filter to any beginner or experienced hobbyist. It has a strong flow, as long as the suction grate or filter is not clogged with plant debris, and as long as the filter is not too old. If it is too old, it will collect a solid brown slime layer which virtually inhibits all water flow through the filter. The water flow will start to decrease after about 3 weeks if the tank has both plants and fish in it. It is also hard to clean the tubing and insite the motor, but vinegar usually loosens up the gunk. Don't get me wrong, this filter is reliable and has good suctioning power, and will do the job as long as the owner maintains the cleanliness of the filter.

Contributed by Sean

This is a great filter. It is silent and efficient. The cartridges are easily cleaned with a stream of high pressure water. The carbon is easily dumped out without destroying the mesh. The biological filter is provided by the bio-foam which has lots of room for bacteria. This filter gets 5 stars overall.

Contributed by Kyle

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