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I have used Whisper filters for many years and have had very good results with them. I do change the filter pads every couple of weeks, but they're really cheap when bought in bulk. I have to agree with those who complain of the Whispers not starting after power failures. I do have that problem. I did use an AquaClear several years ago and was not that impressed with it. I just think they're a reasonably good filter for the money and they are easy to maintain. However, if the power quits and you're away on vacation you could have a problem. I have recently begun using undergravel filters in addition to the power filters and am very satisfied with the combined results.

Contributed by Lee M. Wirthwein

I have to say that the Whisper filters are cheap, especially online, but they are not the best on the market. I have a Whisper 2 and a 3, and they are very quiet, but give mediocre filtration and are not very powerful. Also, they get easily clogged, and do not provide full contact with the carbon. A better choice is a HOT Magnum, or some other canister filter, but if you only have $20, Whisper is your best bet.

Contributed by Travis Ludwig

After reading the reviews on the Whisper filters, Iíll express my opinion. After ten years of experience with them, overall they perform just fine. The impellers do stick if you donít clean them every five months or so. I add additional carbon/zeolite mixture when replacing the bio-bags. This apparently extends times between service. Overall considering cost and durability, Whisper filters will continue to be my choice my aquariums.

Contributed by Chuck Ardner

I've had the same whisper for over three years with the same impeller. In fact, I have two of them for my heavily planted 55 G. They have given me superb performance. BTW, I don't use carbon or anything in the bags for the sake of the plants and their nutrient needs. But these are truely an afforable filter system. The biobags and frame can be used until they stop filtering, mine usually last over a year. But I make my own.

Contributed by Wes Warren

I've had a 5 foot tank for about a year now. I bought it second hand and it had a very old Whisper 3 filter with it. I was very happy with its performance although the inserts were not given to me with the filter so I used my own contraption. I've just bought a new one since the old one had a lot of calcium deposit and cracks in the lid. The impeller was on it's way out, so I thought why not. These filters keep my 54 Gallon tank very clean. I clean the filter probably once a month and this keeps it running fine. Yes it might be a bit more often than some other filters, but since it is so extremely simple to do, that is not an issue. It takes me no more than 10 minutes to clean. I reckon these filters are great. I keep a large variety of tropical fish in my tank, and they are all very happy!

Contributed by Sebastiaan Scholtens

I have had my Whisper 60 on my 200 liter, large fish comunity tank. I have found that it does a very good job at holding and keeping my ammonia level at 0 ppm. The only complaint is that is doesn't do a good job at cleaning the water. It always seems cloudy. I had a large algae attack and it couldn't filter any of it out even with that algae clumper stuff. So it is a good filter but, if you plan on getting one, then you should get 2 which really isn't worth it. I plan on getting a Fluval fed into a bio wheel.

Contributed by Chris Sullivan

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