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Via Aqua Modular Canister Filters

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Via Aqua750

Via Aqua 230 Canister Filter
600 Liters per Hour (160 gph)

Via Aqua 300 Canister Filter
800 Liters per Hour (210 gph)

Via Aqua 650 Canister Filter
1000 Liters per Hour (270 gph)

Via Aqua 750 Canister Filter
1200 Liters per Hour (315 gph)

Via Aqua Modular Canister Filters


Powerful, quiet, reliable, economical, and effecient...these are all the characteristics of the Via Aqua. I've had mine for 3 months, and I don't regret a cent I payed for it. People kept advising me against it, saying it's a cheap piece of plastic, but I took the risk and I'm glad I did. The Via Aqua 750 was simple to setup and install. As for filtering, it keeps my heavily stocked 55g crystal clear, and it's 'Eheim-quiet'! The media baskets are huge, they allow you to customize to whatever fulfills your needs. I highly recommend this filter!

Contributed by Raul-7

Very effective filter, both in performance and finacially. It holds a fairly large amount of media, which you have to select yourself. It is fairly easy to use, very quiet, and a sinch to maintain. Like Raul I highly recommend this.

Contributed by Jared B

You will find VIA AQUA MODULAR CANISTER FILTERS have been renamed AQUA-PRO. I bought mine from EBAY and have to agree its a great filter, 10/10.

Contributed by John Spice

I invested in the Via Aqua 230 for my 90 cm tank, and now use it for my new 150 cm tank. It stepped up to the challenge very well, and I have no hesitation in recommending it! It can be a little temperamental priming it, but once it's going, great!

Contributed by Dave B

I've had the Via Aqua 750 for about a year now and am quite pleased with it. This filter is well constructed and fairly quiet. I found that putting the canister on top of a towel and a foam mat eliminated practically all vibration-related noise. Mechanical noise is now drowned out by the whooshing sound of the water through the tubing. I only need to perform filter maintenance once every 3 months or so on a fully stocked 200 liter. One thing to note: my filter is noisier after filter maintenace, but quiets down within a couple of weeks. I have only one complaint: I have always had trouble getting the bottom basket to sit properly. No big deal as I only need to do this 4 times a year.

Contributed by Sam Rankin

I have just set one of these filters up on a 200 litre tank (by the way in Australia it is called Aqua One CF1000) and although I am new to the hobby of fishkeeping, I have found the filter to be very quiet and relatively easy to assemble. The product came with all media and hoses included which was a bonus. Like Sam, I too have placed a towel under my filter, not for the noise but just in case there were any leaks - none so far.

Contributed by Michelle

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