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Trio 3000

Trio 2000 Internal Filter
For tanks up to 75 L (20 g)

Trio 3000 Internal Filter
For tanks up to 130 L (35 g)

Hagen - Trio Internal Filters


I aquired a Trio 2000 filter along with my new Hagen tropiquarium 55 tank. The has filter proved easy to set up and maintain and does the job asked of it. However, I find the output from the powerhead does produce quite a powerful current which is fine for my Zebra Danios, but others who wish to keep fish from still waters should bear this in mind. It has proved to be a very efficient filter but it is rather large and awkward to open the filter media tray in the tank.

Contributed by Neil Taylor

I own 2 Trio 2000 and am really displeased with it, it has ample filter media but the pump is not strong enough and I have a 5 gallon aquarium and it cannot even handle that, it costed me 80$ and then I found it for 40$ later which really pissed me off plus they do not prime well, you have to hit it against the aquarium to start it and the impeller stops turning occasionally, I give it a 3 out of 10.

Contributed by Trevor

I have a Trio 2000 for my 20g aquarium. I've had this filter for 5 weeks. All looks good. The water is very clear and my fish are nice. I think it is a good inside filter. My water is very clean and pH is always at 6.8.

Contributed by Daniel

I have a Trio 2000 in my Tropiquarium 55. I've had it for nearly 2 years and I still haven't needed to change the filter media. The size of this filter can be an obstruction and takes up quite a bit of space in your tank. It is also a pain to open when in the water and an absolute nightmare to remove (I think it superglues itself to the tank!). There is no venturi system with this filter, which I found a bit disappointing.

Contributed by Barry Hudson

I have owned a Trio 2000 filter for as long as my Tropiquarium 55 (6 months) and both have given me no problems. I agree that the size of it does take up a lot of space in my tank, but my water has never been green. I also have some cory cat fish that seem to spend a lot of time eating at its outside. A good way to keep it clean. I find that a pallet knife down the back and gently into the suckers makes removing the filter much easier.

Contributed by Mr Wood

The Trio 2000 filter is a great (not so little) filter, in a Tropiquarium 55 anyway. It does all it's supposed to do and more. You can move it left, right, on the side, change the contents e.g. polyfilter, water softening resin, etc., all inside. The suckers are really good at keeping the filter attached to the tank...they are supossed to be, or we would all be complaining that the filter keeps on falling off. When it does start to lose its grip you can easily replace those suckers too. 8/10 here.

Contributed by

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