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Seachem Stress Guard

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Seachem Stress Guard Seachem Stress Guard

A premium slime coat protection product that reduces stress
and ammonia toxicity whenever handling or transporting fish.

50ml, 1.7 fl oz bottle.

100ml, 3.4 fl oz bottle.

250 ml, 8.5 fl oz bottle.

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Seachem - Stress Guard


I have decided that this stuff does its job well. I just recently moved from Michigan to New Mexico and was very concerned about my fish. I have a 6 year old pleco, two julii corys, a tiny danio and a Blue Gourami. My pleco has always seemed fragile and easily stressed and the only other time I had moved him, he had only been out of the tank for about two hours and acted sickly for weeks. For this move, they were all going to be in a cooler for about three days. I set up the cooler using a sponge filter with travel air pump getting the tube through by drilling a small hole through the lid and then dosed them with Stress Guard every morning before we started moving again. I was shocked to see that they all not only made the trip but are still living today, almost 6 months later. I give my thanks to Stress Guard.

Contributed by Kim

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