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Seachem Stability Seachem Stability
New Tank Stabilization System.

Prevents new tank syndrome with an easy to use stabilization system.

8 oz. (250 ml) bottle.

Seachem - Stability


This is really an excellent product. I use it on all my tank setups and after every water change, and it's one of the first things I recommend to people having water quality issues or cycling problems. You can use it with salt or fresh water, and even in outdoor ponds. I've never had a negative experience with it, even if I overdosed a bit. Having a bottle of this on hand is a great idea, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Contributed by Sahara

I can't say enough about Seachem's Stability. It is a miracle worker. I started a 45 liter Eclipse tank just after Christmas, and it never stabilized. In fact, after 7 weeks, the ammonia had risen to well past the 8.0 ppm on the test card. The guys at the local fish store couldn't believe anything was still alive in there, the fish guys told me to use heavy duty doses of Cycle to clear up the ammonia, but two weeks later with no change, I decided to scrap the whole setup and start over. I waited a week to put the fish back in. Within 24 hours, the ammonia level had climbed two colors on the chart, and I hadn't even fed the fish! Exasperated, I went online to find a solution. i found lots of recommendations for Bio-Spira, and I would have probably gotten it if the store had not been out of it. There was only one bottle of Stability, I took it home and added it to my quickly clouding water, and within 24 hours, 80% of the cloudiness was gone. Within 36 hours the ammonia level had dropped to almost normal. I couldn't believe my eyes! After using a half a bottle of Cycle over 2 weeks to no avail, (ditto with the Stresszyme) this Stability came along and fixed what no one else seemed to be able to! I am one happy camper, and I would recommend Stability to everyone!

Contributed by Maire Shaughnessey

Stability is really an excellent product. I have used BioSpira before as well with great results, but Stability is a lot cheaper, at least at my local fish store, and in an emergency, Stability seems to work a little faster than BioSpira.

Contributed by Charles Thomas

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