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Eheim Battery-Operated Sludge Extractor

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Eheim Battery-Operated Sludge Extractor Eheim Battery-Operated Sludge Extractor

Wireless Aquarium Gravel Cleaner System.

Eheim - Battery-Operated Sludge Extractor


This thing is awesome. I used to clean the gravel with a siphon gravel cleaner while doing my weekly water change. But I always hit the 35-40% mark way before I could completely remove all debris. With this I make gravel cleaning and water change 2 different chores. May sound like a hassle, but water changes are done less freqently now. This tool is so easy to clean too. Just take out the filter and rinse it with tap water. A bit pricy compared to one other competitor, but it's worth it. It also takes standard AA battery unlike it's competitor requiring C size. Only problem I have is probably the intake end of this tool is a bit big. Hard to navigate around plants in the tank.

Contributed by NT N

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