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Python No-Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Kits

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Python No-Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Kits Python No-Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Kits

One convenient system to drain, fill and gravel vacuum aquariums.
Features self-starting vacuum action.

25, 50, 75, 100 ft. Aquarium Kits.

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Python - No-Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Kits


This thing is cool! Make sure the sink isn't plugged. It works on a venturi/syphon effect for cleaning. Fill the hose full of water, then stop the flow with the shut off valve near the gravel vac. Go to the sink and open the bottom valve and let the water flow straight through, now you have a vacuum that will get your gravel free of mulm. Push wand to the aquarium bottom then lift. You can see the mulm flowing through the clear hose. Weekly water changes after using Bio-Spira and I have read zero on ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrites.

Contributed by Brad Bales

A lifesaver...if you have an aquarium then this is a must. It's way too easy and you don't have to be a brainiac to use it! Take it from a person who used to lug around water in a bucket back an forth between the aquarium and the sink!

Contributed by a visitor

An excellent product! Especially if you have multiple tanks. It's based on a waterbed pump. It vacuums the gravel best if you have a good domestic water supply pressure (at least 60 psi). People with low water pressure at their taps may get a bit frustrated with its ability to vacuum though. The answer to this is to just use it as a siphon to vacuum first, making sure the draining end of the hose is as low as you can get it (lay it in the bathtub or put it out the window maybe). Makes re-filling the tank a breeze! It comes with the improved brass faucet adapter, making it fit almost any faucet. Just remember to match the taps water temperature with the water in the tank being re-filled as close as possible (a bare hand is amazingly accurate for this!). Also, don't forget to add a de-chlorinator, either just before or during re-fill, to the tank. Again, a GREAT product.

Contributed by Ed Komst

This is a must have for any tank larger than 200 L. It has cut my cleaning time in half. Now I can enjoy my aquarium more. It also works really well for smaller tanks. The only thing is, when draining water, watch the sink to make sure it doesn't fill up too fast and overflow (I have flooded the bathroom twice).

Contributed by Kris

I have been using the python for the last eight years. I can't imagine going back top buckets. It is absolutely phenomenal.

Contributed by Carl Hammaker

Buy the 50-foot hose if you are any more than a room away from the tap. It just won't make it there easily. Although super for filling the tank, I do not use the water-pressure system for emptying because of all the excess, dirty water involved going down into our poor (non-municipal) septic system; where I live, I can just put the hose out onto the lawn away from the house. Also, do not forget to refill those power filters before you turn them back on!

Contributed by Brian Pellerin

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