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Prime (Proquatics) Canister Filters

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Prime 10/20/30

Prime 10 Canister Filter
300 Liters per Hour (80 gph)

Prime 20 Canister Filter
600 Liters per Hour (160 gph)

Prime 30 Canister Filter
900 Liters per Hour (240 gph)

Hydor Prime (Proquatics) Canister Filters


I have the Prime 30 canister that I got used for $50 at the time. It certainly isn't worth the $100+ it sells for most places in the USA when there are better competing filters from other makers. If it was sold regularly for around $60 or $70, that would be great. While the single basket for all media is a somewhat old design, it's not much of a hassle. It's much smaller than canister filters of similar spec, which is nice space-wise, but it obviously won't hold as much media. It has a flow path similar to the Rena Filstar, which prevents media bypass. The disconnect valves are similar to the Via Aqua type. Based on my experience with it, I feel like it has a stronger flow rate than other filters with similar ratings. I think Hydor might be under rating them, but that's just my opinion. Replacement parts are easy to get, at Petsmart obviously. Like I said, if it was lower in price, it would be a very good buy for most people.

Contributed by Jak Crow

Currently I have the Prime 30. I agree that new systems are overpriced, but in reality most filters are priced higher than the value of their true function. I needed a very quiet and durable filter that simply ‘got the job done’. In my experience with canister filters, you are always better off with a self designed filter or a combination of commercial filters when managing a complex habitat in your tank - complex being marine with coral, or fresh water with plants and invertebrates. Without a doubt the Proquatics filters are well made and durable enough to filter a large tank with an undemanding habitat.

Contributed by Samuel Hiser

I have had a frustrating experience with the Prime 20 filter. The first one I purchased was so difficult to open that the hinges broke and the second one, swapped for, just stopped running. Then, while trying to open it for cleaning and inspection, it was virtually impossible to open and during that process, the hinges broke again. While it worked, it moved water silently and with good volume, but the design lacks the simplicity of opening and closing the canister for simple service. What a shame because the price was reasonable and the unit worked fine to start with. My suggestion to Hydor, fix this design flaw, raise your price $5.00 if necessary, then give those of us who bought the old design a new one.

Contributed by Lamar Gibson

My Proquatics filter has given me years of good service (around 5 and kicking). I like that it's relatively heavy duty and long lasting. Not having separate containers for the media is a bit of a hassle but not a major one. One of the fins on that little magnetic spinning device inside broke off but it still has good flow. My first Proquatics canister filter, the medium size one was more of a hassle to take apart, clean and put together. I bought an Eheim online once and returned it because it has flimsy, hard plastic hindges that I am sure would eventually break. I would recommend this filter.

Contributed by Ricardo Abreu

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