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Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp

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Power~Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps
Total illumination for living corals, marine algae and freshwater plants, high intensity.

30 cm (12"); 8 W; 3000 hours
38 cm (15"); 14 W; 7500 hours
45 cm (18"); 15 W; 7500 hours
60 cm (24"); 20 W; 9000 hours
75 cm (30"); 25 W; 9000 hours
90 cm (36"); 30 W; 9000 hours
107 cm (42"); 36 W; 20000 hours
120 cm (48"); 40 W; 20000 hours

Hagen - Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps


I use one of these over our mbuna tank and it is perfect to show off the colours of these brilliant fish. Itīs a bright bulb and cool - great for the blues of the fish. Grows algae but the mbuna graze this in between meals and they thrive. It gives a very slight grolux effect.

Contributed by Matt Simmons

I have one that I use for a nice little community tank. I have two dwarf neon blue gouramis and it really shows off their colour. I also think it grows algae but my SAE's eat it up quick. Over all I think its a decent investment.

Contributed by Ross Young

I have used these tubes for approximately 3 years in a planted 120 L tank with good results both with and without CO2. The spectrum is strong in the blue end, which is great for plant growth. I find it helps to develop reds in plants and to keep them low and bunched, rather than stretching to the tank top (Hygrophila tends to arch over and down toward clear bright spaces and dig itself into the substrate, rather than trying to emerge through the water surface). The colour is quite pink, which is not to everyone's liking, but is easily corrected by mixing with a whiter 'natural' spectrum light with more green and yellow. I use 2 Power Glo tubes with a third generic 4500 K tube for viewing balance, while giving my plants the best.

Contributed by Ben Douglas

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