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Millennium 1000

Millennium 1000 Multi-Filter
340 Liters per Hour (90 gph)

Millennium 2000 Multi-Filter
600 Liters per Hour (160 gph)

Millennium 3000 Multi-Filter
1200 Liters per Hour (320 gph)

Aquarium Systems - Millennium Power Filters


I have 3 Millenniums, two 1000's and one 2000. It is one of the newest brands in the market, and comes with a series of interesting features. First of all, it has a small air intake tube that mixes air bubbles with the incoming water, creating a wet-dry effect which enhances biofiltration. It becomes a little noisy this way, but it's very easy to reduce/stop the air bubbles. The air/water mixture passes through a plastic grid, where bacteria will establish, and this grid is totally separated from the mechanical/chemical filter cartridge, so you can change the latter whenever you like without ever disturbing the bacterial colony. The water flow can be very well adjusted from its maximum to almost nothing, which allows you to fine-tune it to your setup, in case your tank is smaller than what the filter was meant for, or if you don't want the filter to suck up too much food during feeding time. The intake tube is made of two parts and the total length is also well adjustable. A significant disadvantage of this filter is that, if there's an energy failure, the filter tends to drain most of the water back in to the aquarium. This causes two problems: the bacterial colony becomes exposed to dry air and may die out if left like this for too long, and also when the power comes back the filter will often be unable to pull the water back in and restart the water flow by itself. Even so, the Millennium is quickly becoming a very popular filter, especially since the price tends to be a little lower than its equivalent from other brands.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I have used both the Millenium 2000 and 3000 (also Penguin, Emperor and Eclipse) and have found that they are one of the best power filters that I have ever used. The biological grid has the room to house plenty of bacteria to keep your aquarium water crystal clear and free of toxins, and the adjustable water flow valve is very useful for when you want to cut back on the current. I would highly recommend this filter.

Contributed by Daryl Cossaboom

I have been using a 2000 for about 5 months now and I think this is one of the best filters on the market. First, it's a very inexpensive item. Second, it's very easy to use. Especially for the novice. Third, it combines the best of all the types of filter system. I highly recommend this filter for the hobbyist, experienced or novice.

Contributed by Brett Schoeberl

I have been using a Millennium 3000 for some time now, and it has been great for filtering out my 55 gallon tank. I would say this is the best in the market and one of the best buys too.

Contributed by Eddie Sears

I have 2 Millennium 3000's on a 50 gallon cichlid tank with 26 fish, which I feed 4 times a day to make them grow quicker. These filters are awesome, they have a great design and I can simply pull out the packets without interruping the bacteria since they have a separate unit in the filter to grow. In relation to the amount of fish in such a small tank, this filter is no comparison to my Whisper. I could probably have 4 whispers do the work of 2 Millenniums (which together circulate 600 gph).

Contributed by Natalie Zwerner

I like the Millennium, but I find the fixed carbon inserts overpriced and not easy to find. Also you have no option other than to use their carbon media...a good adjustable filter but not versatile when it comes to media selection.

Contributed by Tom Wagner

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