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Marine-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp

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Marine~Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps
Visible actinic blue spectrum, promotes marine reef life.

30 cm (12"); 8 W; 5000 hours
38 cm (15"); 14 W; 5000 hours
45 cm (18"); 15 W; 5000 hours
60 cm (24"); 20 W; 7500 hours
75 cm (30"); 25 W; 7500 hours
90 cm (36"); 30 W; 7500 hours
107 cm (42"); 36 W; 10000 hours
120 cm (48"); 40 W; 10000 hours

Hagen - Marine-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps


Probably the best Marine flourescent bulb there is. Very bright and it definitely stimulates growth, really brings out the colours in the fish. If you have room in your hood pick up one of these now!

Contributed by Collin MacMillan

I most recently bought my second 30 cm Marine Glo lamp and I have no negative comments about it. It really brings out the colour of the fish and adds atmosphere to the room your tank may be in. Although I am a bit concerned about the dead spots on the ends of the tube. They do not emmit light and shorten a lamp that's already short.

Contributed by Ricardo Cloete

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