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We have had a Magnum 350 unit in use as the only filtration on a 340 liter plant tank for 8 or 9 years now, always running the filter sleeve with activated carbon or crushed coral, never the micron filter. It has always provided all the filtration the tank has ever needed, we maintain it every 6 weeks, and it makes filter maintenance a breeze. The only parts ever replaced have been the gaskets periodically. I think it's e great filter.

Contributed by William Stone

I have a Magnum 350 Pro on by 270 liter oscar tank. I supplement it with a Fluval 304, but the Magnum is the primary filter. Overall, this filter exceeded my expectations on flow rate and performance. However, it was difficult to install, especially with the bio-wheels. This filter does a terrific job, although my bioload is high. The bio-wheel surface area for the colonization of bacteria is not as large as, say, ceramic rings, but, with its wet-dry action, it is more than adequate.

Contributed by Timothy Clos

I first bought a Magnum 350 many years ago to run a 75 liter tank, after using several hanging power filters and finding they just weren't cleaning the tank. I see a lot of people saying this filter fails to provide biological filtration. They are very wrong, a nice healthy bacteria colony WILL grow within the sponge that encircles the carbon chamber. I eventually went to a 200 L tank with South American cichlids and ran two Magnum 350's reverse flowing an undergravel filter and had beautiful water and very happy fish. Only complaints were the cheap snaps for the top of the filter and gaskets, which do tend to need replacing, but overall this is a very good filter. I intend to buy another for my new tank (just came back to the hobby after a 5 year hiatus) which will run with a Rena XP3 for both fulltime mechanical filtration along with occasional micron filtering of the tank. The Rena XP series of cannister filters are another filter to take a serious look at, I love mine. I just like to move large quantities of water around the tank and having two cannisters does that, the Rena is fantastic at all around filtration, but the Magnum's ability to be used as a diatom type filter with it's micron plated insert makes it a great second filter.

Contributed by Brian Crabtree

I just bought a HOT magnum for my planted 75 L long tank to polish out an algae bloom. My main filter is an Emperor 280 (which is great). At first I just used the included micron filter to remove the algae, but that barely worked and the water was still green. The next day I borrowed some diatom powder from a friend and coated the micron filter with it, and about a half an hour later it was pratically crystal clear. I have not used the HOT Magnum for regular filtering, so I can't review how well it performs as a full time filter. The filter is very quiet and, for reference, it is a bit louder than my Emperor 280. It has a built in air bubble remover, which is nice, and an adjustible water diffuser so I don't disturb any plants in the path of the exiting water. It is of high quality and seems like it will last a long time. It is also very simple to clean the filter, and it only takes a few minutes. Overall, it is well worth the money and will make aquariums crystal clear.

Contributed by Andrew Garibian

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