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I have purchased two Magnum 350 canister filters. They make maintaining/cleaning my aquarium an easy task. I have had no trouble with both of these filters. It is convenient because I am able to use one filter to polish the water and the other as a filtration unit only. The Magnums were a good investment.

Contributed by Jessica Zaragoza

I have used the Magnum 350 and 4 of the Magnum 250's for several years. Once you assemble the 350 properly it basically takes care of itself. The 250's are a dream to use; you can change it out in no time. The 350 has been running continuously for over a year, I just rinse the floss once a month. The tank is crystal clear and totally balanced. Goes to show that it will provide substantial biological filtration with proper set up and maintenance. I donít water polish, never have needed it. I will admit that the 350 was a challenge to put together. Make sure you assemble the 250ís correctly - put the washers in the right place, or you will induce air into the canister over time - or you will have a noisy filter.

Contributed by Richard Henderson

I've had a Magnum 250 with biowheel for several years now, and it's definitely the best, toughest filter I've ever used. Not only does it keep the tank I have it on cleaner than any other filter, in case of a power failure, it doesn't lose the water in the canister, so it's able to start working again automatically as soon as the power is restored. I have only once had a problem with an improper seal, as others have mentioned. I disassembled it down to the impeller module, and reseated that. Although the magnetic impeller will automatically seat itself, when you place the bottom plate over it, you have to ensure that it's correctly seated and centered. I have had problems with this several times, but every other time I was also unable to lock the cover down when I was done assembling it. Other than that, it's pretty hard to put it together wrong.

Contributed by Sue Gillespie

I have a Magnum 350 Pro with the duel bio wheels on a 200 liter tank. I use the bio wheels to feed a waterfall on the 2 islands I have on either side of the tank. I used to penguin power heads to run each of the bio wheels in order to maintain a steady pressure and good water flow. I noticed when I hooked it up by the book it was I had to do more tank maintenance. Marineland support was very helpful for this and was more than happy to send the required elbows to complete the job. The results is a 200 L tank that I clean once a month and two nice looking waterfalls at the back of my tank. And I only have to clean the filter media every six weeks. I have Rainbows, 1 farlowella, 2 cory cats, 1 clown placo, kribensis, headstanders, and blue rams with some dwarf frogs and 2 rice pattie frogs and they are all very happy.

Contributed by Ezra Moreland

I have a Mag 350 Pro and a HOT 250. Both have the bio-wheels, which I don't use at all. Basically I run both with full time microns in them. Both filters will go about 2 weeks before I have to change the micron out for a bleach bath and throw microns in that have been already cleaned. The Mag 350 is a dream to work with. The HOT is a pain in the arse. The D-ring likes to be a pain and getting the air out of it is something that can only be done with time. They're not the only filters in use on their respective tanks and again I stress they'r only running micron carts.

Contributed by Jeff Townsley

I have had the Magnum 350 with bio-wheel for 1 year and my father had it for 10 years prior. In this time the only thing I had to change is the o-ring. A very dependable filter.

Contributed by Brian Young

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