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Liberty 200

Liberty 100 Power Filter
380 Liters per Hour (100 gph)

Liberty 150 Power Filter
570 Liters per Hour (150 gph)

Liberty 200 Power Filter
760 Liters per Hour (200 gph)

Eheim - Liberty Power Filters


This filter is quite good (at least for me) and does a decent job in cleaning my 29-gallon community tank. I have two Liberty 150's and change the cartridges monthly. It was sold to me for a reasonable price, but I could think of a couple other power filters with the same flow rate but a lower price tag (I'm not talking about the Whisper filters). Overall I give this product a 4 out of 5 and recommend it to others.

Contributed by Joe Choi

I replaced the corner filter in my 50 L tank with a Liberty 100 and my water has been crystal clear since then. Admittedly, it was rather pricey, but well worth the money. All aquarium related items are costly in South Africa, and this filter was definitely up there, but I can't say what the cost would be in other countries. I recommend it to others. It really does the job.

Contributed by Devon Moodie

I own a Liberty 200. Runs on a 75 L grow-out tank. It's silent, but the media needs to be cleaned a lot with any real load on it. Seems to get enough biofiltration with the two sponges, but the little pleated carbon filter media kinda sucks. I picked this filter up at a yard sale with a 200 L tank and stand and a 75 L tank and other stuff for real cheap. I would never pay the price for one at the LFS or at an online outfit. But for a yard sale price, it does the job.

Contributed by Jeff Townsley

I recently got this filter in a package with a 95 liter aquarium, stand, etc. It works very well, doesn't disturb the water surface too much, and it's very quiet. I especially love how affordable and easy the filter media are.

Contributed by David R.

I have been using my Ehiem Liberty since 2003 and it is the 1st version. I have tried other filters and none has lasted as long as my Liberty. Until now I have never changed an impeler. Compared with my other filter I had changed the impeler and motor. The filters on the Liberty do a great job in keeping the water clear. I must say it's worth the price.

Contributed by Aaron Velasco

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