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Leaf Zone Aquarium Fertilizer

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Leaf Zone Leaf Zone Aquarium Fertilizer
240 ml (8 oz.) treats 1800 Liters
480 ml (16 oz.) treats 3600 Liters

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals - Leaf Zone Aquarium Fertilizer


I purchased this product a few weeks ago. It seems to be a great product compared to what I was using. Since using this product, my plants have picked up in colour and are growing nicely. They are the healthiest I'vve seen them in a long time. Give it a go.

Contributed by Scott Summerfield

I started using this product about 4 weeks ago after months and months of failure to cultivate healthy plants despite using a Floral Sun Max Plant Growth fluorescent light. Now all my plants are lush and green (or red) and my anacharis is growing about 3 cm a day! I would absolutely purchase this product again!

Contributed by Ian Slatas

This product worked so well I had to stop keeping floating wisteria in my community tank. It was so dense it was blocking all the light in the tank.

Contributed by Jason Anderson

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