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Hydor Bravo (Proquatics) Power Filters

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Bravo 120/200/300

Bravo 120 Power Filter
450 Liters per Hour (120 gph)

Bravo 200 Power Filter
750 Liters per Hour (200 gph)

Bravo 300 Power Filter
1100 Liters per Hour (300 gph)

Hydor Bravo (Proquatics) Power Filters


I bought a Proquatics 200 at Petsmart about 5 years ago and I LOVE IT! My current problem is that the line was designed especially for Petsmart from an existing brand and Petsmart discontinued the filters years ago. Last year, I bought four 4-pks (16) of the replacement cartridges from an online company that no longer carries them and I am currently unable to find the replacement cartridges anywhere. So while the filter is fabulous, the replacement cartrdiges are, to my knowledge, no longer available. NOt even Hydor, the manufacturer, carries them any longer.

Contributed by Melanie King

I have a Proquatics/Hydor 200 filter which I love. I use Aquaclear 50 filter media as a replacement to the Hydor cartridges. Use the AC50 sponge on the bottom, AC50 carbon on top of that, and AC50 bio-max on the very top (stack them on top of each other). I also use a Tetra filter cartridge (it's about 4 by 6 inches, can buy it in a single pack for $2) to hold everything tight. I slide it right in front of the media, going up and down. Hope this helps. With this setup, I still get very effective filtration, at a really great price (all 4 filter pieces cost about $10 total and the only thing you need to replace periodically is the carbon, I just rinse off the Tetra cartridge and the sponge).

Contributed by Alex

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