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Fluval 1 Plus

Fluval 1 Plus Internal Filter
200 Liters per Hour (53 gph)

Fluval 2 Plus Internal Filter
400 Liters per Hour (105 gph)

Fluval 3 Plus Internal Filter
700 Liters per Hour (185 gph)

Fluval 4 Plus Internal Filter
1000 Liters per Hour (315 gph)

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Fluval Plus Internal Filters


I have a Fluval 2 plus filter an I have found it excellent. Seriously, if you're a beginner, get one of these! Be sure to get the correct model for the size of your tank. When I first started I had endless water problems which resulted in fish dying and whitespot. All I had to do was install this filter with the carbon insert (which took about 5 seconds!) and it was all cleared up. I have restocked the dead fish and it is now a good year down the line and all are doing fine. These beat any other internal filters I have seen and the amount of dirt it removes is unbelievable!

Contributed by Tim Smith

I have a 110 litre tank with three fancy goldfish in it. I've been using the Fluval 4 for a couple of years now and consequently I am utterly sold on Fluval internal filters! For those of us who can't afford some of the Eheim internal power systems, the Fluval Plus range is just great. It's affordable, efficient, reliable, VERY QUIET and easy to maintain. I bought the separate spray bar so that the current isn't too strong for my fancy goldfish, since they aren't very strong swimmers. It keeps the water (and the sand) clear of detritus and it provides lots of surface agitation.

Contributed by Rachel Haines

Last year I bought a Fluval 4 Plus filter for my 75 L after a few of my Danios and Rasboras got sucked into the first one. I have to say that this is by far the best filter that money can buy. It took less than one night to turn my tank into a crystal clear tank and not one of my fish have died from illness due to poor water quality. This filter is the best thing I have bought for my tank and when I upgrade to a larger tank, this filter is going in.

Contributed by Michael Leonard

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