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Fluval 1 Plus

Fluval 1 Plus Internal Filter
200 Liters per Hour (53 gph)

Fluval 2 Plus Internal Filter
400 Liters per Hour (105 gph)

Fluval 3 Plus Internal Filter
700 Liters per Hour (185 gph)

Fluval 4 Plus Internal Filter
1000 Liters per Hour (315 gph)

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Fluval Plus Internal Filters


I have had a Fluval 1 for about 12 years with no problems at all - never failed! Occasional clean of sponge was all that was needed. Now have a new Fluval 4 Plus in my 90 L Goldfish tank (over kill but the water is crystal clear). Have had for about 18 months with no problems. My new Fluval Duo 1000 (~140 L) tank came with a 3 Plus which I think is under-powered for the volume of water - a 4 Plus would have been better. They are quiet filters, provided you keep them submerged and you don't let them touch the glass. The old design was very easy to maintain, the new one is a little fiddly as you take it apart in two halves, but I guess that makes it easier to get to the media. There is also a spray bar attachment available for the plus series filters. Superb filters, highly recommended.

Contributed by Richard Medlock

I have a Fluval 1 Plus in my half-filled 60 L rubbermaid makeshift turtle habitat, and it does a pretty decent job! I'm thinking I should have bought a size up, but regardless, I'm happy with the performance. I do suggest stuffing in a second filter pad though, works wonders.

Contributed by J. Pham

I have a Fluval 3 plus for my 33 gal tank. The filtration is superb, the media is easy to change and access, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a powerful internal filter. However I am still contemplating if I should buy the 4 plus for my new 70+ gal tank or to go external.

Contributed by Jeremy

I have a Plecostomus 'species' tank. Those guys produce solid waste like I've never ever seen before. I'm using two Fluval 3 plus filters in 80 litres. Fluval filtration is 'tops'. Those little babies are amazing, they do exactly what they're designed to do, better than anything I've used before.

Contributed by Graham Herbert

I have a Fluval 4 plus filter. Excellent is the best word to describe this filter. I have gone from common fish, Malawi cichlids, oscars, puffer fish etc. So easy to keep clean, so easy to use. Different filter media available making it so user friendly. I went from undergravel filtration to this filter, never looked back. Only downfall is that you can see it in the tank. But you soon get used to it. 10 out of 10 in my eyes.

Contributed by Stu

I have 5 neon tetras, 2 red platys, a dalmation lyretail molly, and an Otocinclus. I have an Anubias sp. and a Java fern. I had problems using a Fluval 1 Plus in my 19 L tank. There was not enough aeration in the tank, even using the Fluval and a bubble wall with a 38 L air pump. There were problems maintaining the correct pH, ammonia, and nitrate levels. Since then I have switched to a Hagen Aquaclear 20 and within 24 hours ammonia and nitrate were at zero, and the pH corrected itself and I haven't had to add a pH neutralizer. The water no longer smells, and the fish are more active. My personal recommendation is to stay clear of this filter.

Contributed by Steve

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