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Fluval 1 Plus

Fluval 1 Plus Internal Filter
200 Liters per Hour (53 gph)

Fluval 2 Plus Internal Filter
400 Liters per Hour (105 gph)

Fluval 3 Plus Internal Filter
700 Liters per Hour (185 gph)

Fluval 4 Plus Internal Filter
1000 Liters per Hour (315 gph)

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Fluval Plus Internal Filters


This is an excellent system. I have a Fluval 2 for my 30 gallon tall tank with my Green Spotted Pugger and although he is a messy little man, I have never had any water quality problems. Not a silent type model, but an excellent current maker, and the ability to really airate the water. Its only downfall is it is a bit clumsy to clean. There are excellent filter media as well. I would give it a 9 out of 10!

Contributed by Lisa Corby

Quite simply the best internal filter around. The Fluval plus series have a large filter media capacity which is easy to access, clean and setup. Having used the fluval 2 plus on my 20 G long for over a year, I would recommend one for anyone who doesn't feel ready for an external filter yet. As a secondary filter, I would say it's a little too big, but for a main filter, there isn't any other internal that adds competition. I found it to be quiet compared to other models, only noisy if something needed amending. Recommended all round. :-D

Contributed by Phillip Turnbull

I have a Fluval 2 Plus in my 54 litre tank, home to goldfish and plants which the goldfish eat, so you would expect it to be messy but this filter keeps it nice and clean. Easy to use, a bit messy to clean, but very low cost to run. I find mine to be almost silent, unless you are using the airation option. The coarse filters can be washed out and used over and over again. I only replace mine once every 3 months and I don't think I really need to replace the coarse filter media that often, really just wash and go again ;o) So IMHO great filter.

Contributed by Andy Beach

I have always used fluval filters in my four tanks. Never had any bother with them at all. I use the 1, 2, 3 and 4 versions in my tanks and they work really very good. Quiet to run too. I give fluval filters ten out of ten for performance.

Contributed by Liz Jones

I have a 70 L planted, using DIY CO2 injection and housing 3 goldfish. Powerful and quiet, my Fluval 3 Plus does an insanely efficient job of filtering and moving the water around. Goldfish are notoriously messy and the Fluval copes admirably with their waste. A little cumbersome to break down and clean, but thanks to the large filter sponge surface, thorough cleaning is less frequent. An added bonus is the provision of space for the polyester filter pad (used to clear the water of extremely small particles) and the charcoal impregnated pad (used for clearing medications and toxins from the water). The filter can either be run with or without the extra pads. The Bubbler attachment port makes a perfect entry point for my CO2 line and the strong output breaks the CO2 up into tiny bubbles and sprays them into the water. In my opinion, a great internal filter for the bucks.

Contributed by Mark Upton

I'm using a 4 Plus in my 115 L tank, a bit of overkill but when I upgrade tanks I won't have to upgrade filters. A good filter, easy to clean and service. Outlet direction is changeable, which is handy. Unfortunately the Fluval media inserts I bought were about 1/2 too short and allowed a lot of bypass. Easily fixed by a piece of foam, but still a bit of a disappointment.

Contributed by Chris Thorn

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