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Fluval Series 5 Canister Filters

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Fluval 305

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Model Number 105 205 305 405
Flow Rate (L/H) 480 680 1000 1300
Aquarium Size (L) <100 <200 <280 <400
Flow Rate (GPH) 125 180 260 340
Aquarium Size (G) <25 <50 <70 <100

Hagen - Fluval Series 5 Canister Filters


I kept coldwater and tropical as a child using UGF, then had a break whilst moving house too many times. I have recently set up a 100 liter tank and opted for Fluval 205. I have never had such clear water in a newly set up tank. The first priming was a little difficult, due to the instructions mainly and no trouble-shooting section in the manual. All problems discussed with the 204 seem to be resolved with the 205. There is very little set up required. Rinsing of filter media and correctly cutting tubing to required length, connect intake and outlets and done! Instructions could be a little clearer, however not too many problems. The biggest difference I can ascertain is a pre-setup aquastop, new clamps for connecting top to bottom and better o-ring. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Contributed by Tina Williams

I bought my Fluval 205 filter 2 months ago as my first external filter. Setting it up was a breeze and maintenance is easy. The aquastop lever stops all water flowing to and from the tank, and is removable without drips. To remove filter for cleaning, simply turn off at the wall, switch aquastop off, and separate top of canister from bottom. A brilliant filter, doing a good job of keeping my water clean and maintaining good bacteria at the same time.

Contributed by David

I purchased my Fluval 405 three months ago, and love it! I haven't had a problem thus far. Changing the media is simple and easy. I only change out my filter floss, and polishing pads, and this process could not be easier. One flip of the Aqua-Stop Valve and you are ready to roll! No muss no fuss. This filter is super quiet, I hear my airstone more than I ever hear this filter. It keeps my water crystal clear, and I would not ever buy another brand of filter, based on my experience with this one.

Contributed by Heather Kolocotrones

I bought a Fluval 405 3 months ago. It's working well in my 170 L planted tank, easy maintenance and trouble free. A very good canister filter. It has an instant-prime system so that you don't need to start 'running' the filter by sucking water using your own mouth.

Contributed by Chin

I run a 205 for my 100 litre tank containing Kribs and a pair of hardy juvenile Koi Angels, and I run a 305 on my 200 litre community tank. I find them easy to maintain and quiet! My 205 has foams, ceramics, carbon and nitrate/nitrite remover. The 305 has foams, LOTS of ceramics and peat. These are great filters and the spray bars are easy to fit too!

Contributed by Craig Holden

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