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Fluval Series 4 Canister Filters

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Fluval 404

Model Number 104 204 304 404
Flow Rate (L/H) 480 680 1000 1300
Aquarium Size (L) <100 <200 <280 <400
Flow Rate (GPH) 125 180 260 340
Aquarium Size (G) <25 <50 <70 <100

Hagen - Fluval Series 4 Canister Filters


I've had a 404 for about 2 years. I would rate it as average at best. It's maintenance intensive, noisy and, compared to an Eheim, badly constructed. It has served it's purpose, but if I had my time again I'd spend the extra money and get an Eheim Pro...

Contributed by Nick Streeter

I own a 270 liter oscar aquarium, filtered with a Fluval 404 and a Magnum 350 with bio-wheels. I'm pleased with the user-friendliness of this product; it is idiot-proof! This is due to its tight, easily locking motor assembly, a priming system that is difficult to rival, and the Aqua-stop system. With regards to filtration capabilities, it performs admirably. Flexibility is a definite trump, as are flow rate and general effectiveness. One may have to spend time cleaning the hoses and the Aqua-stop. However, this is true of any filter.

Contributed by Timothy Clos

I have been running my Fluval 104 on my 60 L tank for over 3 years now with absolutely no problem whatsoever. It is extremely quiet, efficient and easy to use. I also have an Eheim 2215 filter. Between the two, I like Fluval much better. Just my opinion, feel free to disagree with me. My Eheim is a nightmare to prime, and it cannot expell trapped gas bubbles on its own. Conversely, my Fluval 104 is a piece of cake to prime every time. During cleaning, I leave the intake tube filled with water, as soon as I plug the filter body back in, water immediately flows into the filter by itself. And it takes no time to fill up the filter. With first time setting up, I find the easiest way is to siphon into the intake tube manually, then fill the filter with water manually, then connect them up. Starts immediately. One of the beauties I find with Fluval is it gets rid of all the trapped gas bubbles on its own. I like the single output. Keeps the flow concurrent, so a nice and directional flow is created in the tank. Water is crystal clear, quality is tops. I would buy another Fluval instead of Eheim.

Contributed by James Wang

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