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Fluval Series 4 Canister Filters

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Fluval 404

Model Number 104 204 304 404
Flow Rate (L/H) 480 680 1000 1300
Aquarium Size (L) <100 <200 <280 <400
Flow Rate (GPH) 125 180 260 340
Aquarium Size (G) <25 <50 <70 <100

Hagen - Fluval Series 4 Canister Filters


I just took my 404 out to the dumpster. I am tired of trying to prime it and the pressure fittings at the pump have always leaked. Whoever designed them should made the shaft a little longer and straight, so if you want to put a hose clamp on it you could. They have worried me since I got it. Mechanically it has been good. I don't think the flow was the same after it was like 6 months old. I bought a Via Aqua and set it up in 5 minutes. Would not reccommend if you live on 2nd floor like me.

Contributed by Lippman

I have had my 404 for a few years now. It filters great. It is kind of heavy when I have to drag it out from under my aquarium, but what filter this size isn't when it is full of water and media?! HOWEVER, for the good filtering it does do, the time it takes me to prime it is NOT worth the hassle. The 3 impellers I have had to put in it in 4 years is just another reason to look at Eheim. Would I recomend it? Not at all.

Contributed by Chuck Norris

I have been running a 204 on a 200 L set up for 2 years. The tank was once home to a micro-reef and since has been turned into a home for a snowflake eel. I have had zero problems from the filter. It is very easy to maintain, quiet, and reliable. Should I ever need to purchase a canister filter I would not hesitate to grab a Fluval.

Contributed by Charles B. Hough

The Fluval 404 is the first filter I ever purchased, and I am not that impressed, nothing wrong with the pumping/filtering of water, just the process of restarting after each shut down. I find it hard to believe that a process often taking 20 minutes can be considered okay. I would have imagined the manufacturer would have made an effort to ensure this was a quick and easy process, but apparently not.

Contributed by Michael Dunn

I have had a Fluval 304 for 4 years now. This filter runs concurrently with an Emporer power filter on a 200 L tank. I have never replaced any parts on the Fluval and it has always worked great under normal conditions. The only complaints that I have are: 1) It is a pain to clean the filter (requires the entire thing to be taken apart); 2) Filters so well that the internal media and intakes gets gunked up quickly; 3) does not restart itself after a substantial power outage (makes it possible to burn up the motor) - in the last instance I have had a few occurrences of the filter getting very hot because it was running but not actually pumping, unplugging for about 30 minutes and running cool water up the impeller shaft seemed to help. If I were to rate on a 5 star scale I would say 5 for water clarity, but only 2 1/2 stars for ease of use.

Contributed by Thayl Lane

I don't mean this to offend any of the Fluval fans. Obviously there are many of you who have had good experiences with these filters. My goal is simply to share another person's experience with it, since this is a tool for people to research equipment. :) So feel free to think I'm a complete dufus (because you're right...just ask my wife) for what I think, but only call me names to yourself. ;) In my opinion, the Fluval 404 wins the Worst Filter ever award. The water is filthy, despite weekly water changes and filter cleaning, the flow rate has dropped dramatically, and that thing is the biggest pain to get started. I end up having to ram a powerhead into the intake tube to get it going. My Fluval 404 has been failing my 109 liter turtle tank for about 6 months now. The aquarium is half full of water and contains two 13 cm turtles. If I'm doing my math correctly, I have a filter rated for 378 liter aquariums that is unable to keep 56 liters of water clean. I do understand turtles, while cute as can be, are filthy little creatures. I also understand having a half full tank cuts down on the flow rate (I do fill it up to get the filter way it's going to start with the tank half full), but I still don't think it's living up to its claims. In my experience, this filter is sub-standard in its performance and I would recommend highly against it. I have had great success on aquariums of greater size with filters less than half the price.

Contributed by Michael Kaysen

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