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Flourish Water Conditioner Flourish Water Conditioner
(100 ml/3.38 oz)

A non-fertilizer water conditioner for the natural freshwater aquarium. Recommended for use with Flourish Iron, Flourish Tabs, and Flourite. Contains no phosphate or nitrate. 1-2 mL treats 200 L.

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SeaChem - Flourish Aquarium Conditioner


I've been using SeaChem Flourish in my planted tanks for over 3 years, and I really like this product. It has one of the best cost/benefit ratios of its kind...simply dripping 1 ml for every 100 liters, once or twice a week, makes my plants very happy. The 250 ml bottle costs only a few dollars and lasts for almost a year!

Contributed by Marcos Avila

Seachem's flourish products are incredible! They have nearly evey nutrient necessary for a successful planted tank. Flourish products have made my 120 liter planted tank flourish like mad. Great products!

Contributed by Kevin Calzada

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