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Flora-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp

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Flora~Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps
Warm photosynthetic spectrum, for planted aquariums and terrariums.

30 cm (12"); 8 W; 3000 hours
38 cm (15"); 14 W; 5000 hours
45 cm (18"); 15 W; 5000 hours
60 cm (24"); 20 W; 5000 hours
75 cm (30"); 25 W; 7500 hours
90 cm (36"); 30 W; 7500 hours
107 cm (42"); 36 W; 10000 hours
120 cm (48"); 40 W; 10000 hours

Hagen - Flora-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps


I've used Floraglo lights in planted tanks and they seem to work pretty well. It is a very warm light and doesn't appear very bright to the eye, but the plants seem to like it. It is a very yellow colour and not to everyone's taste, but sets off amazonian soft water setups quite nicely. There is a theory that the yellow caste inhibits algae but I seem to get it whatever the colour of the lamp.

Contributed by Matt Simmons

I used one of these for a short while on my planted tank (96 litres, CO2) and wasn't happy with the results compared to the one I used before (Arcadia Original Tropical) as the plants weren't pearling as much as they did before and I got more algae. I think the K temp is a bit on the lower side (2700 K, if I remember correctly) and I went back to the Arcadia lamp and I think it's much better.

Contributed by a visitor

I use a couple of 18" lights, a FloraGlo and a SunGlo on my 24" tank. It took me several attempts to find the perfect lighting combonation, but I love the two together. I think the Angels liked it too, it kicked them back into breeding cycle.

Contributed by a visitor

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