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Filstar xP3 Flow Diagram

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Model Number xP1 xP2 xP3 xP4
Flow Rate (L/H) 1000 1200 1400 1600
Aquarium Size (L) <180 <300 <500 <1000
Flow Rate (GPH) 250 300 350 400
Aquarium Size (G) <45 <75 <125 <265

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals - Rena FilStar Canister Filters


This is as quiet as my Eheim 2229! Great filter. I was planning to buy a Via Aqua filter, but opted to get this one instead and I’m am very satisfied. It has a large media capacity, but priming it was a challenge. Once it's running it runs quiet out of the box, no need to cover it with towels or foam to shield any vibration or “noise”. They could install a quick connect line to make priming a little bit easier, but overall the system works great and the included accessories are better than any filters I have seen.

Contributed by Jun lee

I've been reading so many Rena canister filter reviews. I was so confused about the noise of this filter, some people said it's silent, some said it's noisy. Finally I decided to get one (an XP2). I installed it, but mine is noisy. I have a friend who also has an XP2, his is so silent. I thought: what's going on here? So I did some experiments. I compared mine with his, and found out that his impeller shaft has two removable black rubber shaft bearings (one at each end), but mine has only one. The impeller shaft itself is the same. The impeller covers are also different, his impeller cover is designed to fit with that extra rubber shaft bearing. Everything else is the same. I borrow one of his rubber shaft bearings, put it on the other end of my impeller shaft, and use his impeller cover. Suddenly the noise disappeared. I guess this may help resolve the mystery of Rena canister filter noise. Basically there are two different designs of impeller cover. I think anyone who wants to get rid of the noise will have to order a black rubber shaft bearing, and a new impeller cover.

Contributed by Steve Git

Well I have a 245 L tank with a XP3 in the tank and a undergravel filter hooked up to a XP1. I also have a 585 gal tank with a XP3 and a undergravel filter hooked up to a XP2. The water is so clean you could drink it, but I would not recommend that. The units are not very loud and not quiet either, but they are all the same. If the noise is a problem then the filter has a problem. As far as the flow rate. I think that the specs are close. The XP2 and XP3 are hooked up to a Pentair Aquatics triple Lifegard Chemical Filter Modules, a UV sterilizer and a Fluidized Bed Filter. I have no problems. My wife just purchased me a 1100 liter tank, I think I will go with two XP3's.

Contributed by Alex G. Hionis

I've been running my planted aquarium for 3 years now. It's a Juwel Rio 240 and I have used the internal box filter for the last year. I love it! I got my xP3 for Christmas and installed it on the afternoon and the next day when I came to have a look at it and turned on the lights, the water was actually crystal clear. I was amazed y the performance! I found setup easy, although the priming took a while. It has amazing media area and I haven't had any problems yet. My setup is loving it and so am I. I was also considering buying the Fluval 404. My local retailer which I visit very regularly has had a 404 going on one of their tanks from when I got mine. They have had a few difficulties such as cleaning out. So, all in all, I am very happy and glad that I got the xP3. Well done Rena.

Contributed by Ben Jutsum

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