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Filstar xP3 Flow Diagram

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Model Number xP1 xP2 xP3 xP4
Flow Rate (L/H) 1000 1200 1400 1600
Aquarium Size (L) <180 <300 <500 <1000
Flow Rate (GPH) 250 300 350 400
Aquarium Size (G) <45 <75 <125 <265

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I have an XP2 and XP3 hooked up to my 380 liter Oscar and Jack Dempsey tank. They are wonderful filters, and as my tank collection grows, I will continue to buy these filters. They are very reasonably priced, mine are silent, and my tank stays crystal clear. What more could you ask for when buying a canister filter?

Contributed by Ross Grant

I bought a XP3 about 2 years ago as a option to Eheim. Been very pleased with my choice. Priming is a breeze. Just filled the return hose when new, put the hoses in place and locked the hoses in which opens the valve. The canister was filled right up. Plug in and go. the only time I've done this after new startup is when I clean the hoses. I've only done that once. It holds a ton of media. This filter is running on a 450 L CA/SA tank with two E400's and a mag 350 with full time micron. Water is sparkling clear! Pleased with the XP3, I purchased a XP2. Again, setup was a breeze. I found that they had changed the impeller shaft from ceramic to S.S. This was a huge disappointment. Emailed tech support and a ceramic shaft appeared in the mail. I for the life of me do not know why they would go backwards. The XP2 is on my 280 L African tank backed up with a HOT mag. running a full time micron cart. Both filters have good flow and I have them packed with media. They are not as silent as an Eheim. I call them near silent. I have no doubt that these filters flow more water than the equal Eheims. When moving water load noises and velocity noise can play a part at 300 GPH or above. Note that most Eheims are rated well below 300 GPH.

Contributed by Jeff Townsley

Mine is very loud and when I call the 800#, the only solution is to box the entire unit up and send it to them for evaluation (at my expense both ways). This after the dealer I purchased the unit from contacted the distrubutor to find that they have a large batch with bad parts from a subcontractor. I recommend staying with the old and reliable manufacturers like Ehiem and Fluval. I'm on my way to purchase another Eheim.

Contributed by Bruce Donsker

I have an XP3 on my freshwater tank. It is about 3 years old. It seems to do a good job considering I am an inexperienced hobbyist compared to others. It is easy to maintain, but it is loud. It has gotten to the point of sounding like a washing machine going into the spin cycle. I have contacted RENA and was told to manipulate the hoses. This helped for an hour or so. Maybe it is because the filter sits on a hardwood floor. I am considering changing to a power filter. I am tired of the gurgling, siphoning sounds coming from my XP3.

Contributed by Angie Whitehead

I've been using XP3 for about 2 weeks on a 200 L tank. Water is crystal clear. I also had the humming problem, but luckily, I had another DIY spraybar that is about twice as long, 3 times the number of holes and 3 times the size of holes. This solves the humming problem, plus it slows down to a calm current of water so that my fish and plants don't get blasted. Truely, Rena needs to take care of this easy spray bar problem. For those who want a quick fix, drill those existing holes with a 1/4" (6 mm) or larger. It should eliminate the humming. Since, Rena doesn't supply other biological media, I decided to put in my own. I went to Walmart and bought a bag of lava rocks for US$3.50, brought it home and used a hammer to break the rocks in smaller 1 cm chunks. I threw them in a bucket, rinsed them several times with water so the debris from the lava rocks don't damage the impeller. After rinsing them in a bucket, I put them in the 2 remaining top baskets, rinsed them again and then put them in the filter. Anyway, back to what I think about the filter, it is cheap as I got it for about US$82 (April 05). It does an excellent job keeping my water crystal clear. This is my first canister so I do not know how noisy it is compared to the others in the industry, but sitting in the cabinet you can't hear it with the door closed. Humming is an issue, but can be fixed. Never measured the flow rate but I guess it is probably low, the flow rating is normally without any media anyway. A little tweaking and you have yourself an excellent filter for the price and performance. Will consider buying it again.

Contributed by a visitor

I have just set up a 150 L tank using an XP3 for the filtration. My initial impressions have been very good. Flow is very high, easily coming close to the claimed 350 GPH. Priming was very easy, and I like the 3 filter trays and the versatility of media that can be used with this filter. I have owned tanks from 20 to 260 liters in size and have used many different filter systems and setups, including Eheim Classics, Magnum 350's, a Lifeguard system and an Emperor 500 (I wouldn't recommend this filter). Anyway, the Rena XP3 is a very well put together canister filter, it is quiet, easy to setup, the water turnover is very good. My tank is very clean and clear with the XP3. I prefer this system to the Magnum 350, mainly due to the fact your filter media choices are far greater with the Rena XP series. Hands down, in the under US$200.00 range, this is the filter to get. Second choice would be a Magnum 350. If you can spend over $300.00, then start looking at a Lifeguard system.

Contributed by Brian Crabtree

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