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Filstar xP3 Flow Diagram

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Model Number xP1 xP2 xP3 xP4
Flow Rate (L/H) 1000 1200 1400 1600
Aquarium Size (L) <180 <300 <500 <1000
Flow Rate (GPH) 250 300 350 400
Aquarium Size (G) <45 <75 <125 <265

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals - Rena FilStar Canister Filters


I purchased my first Filstar XP3 about two years ago and I was impressed. I have owned many types of filters in the past including Magnum and Fluval. I find the Filstar to perform as well as the Fluval and ten times better than the Magnum 350. Also, with these filters on the web at or around $100, you cannot beat the price. I have now purchased two more of these beauties as my love for this hobby grows (actually, my wife would say I'm addicted). The newer filters have also had the packaging, instructions, and some of the accessories re-designed. Now it is easier than ever to get this filter up and running. As far as cannister goes, I will not own another brand.

Contributed by Allan Raih

My new XP3 is running great. I've attached a UV sterilizer to the output flow and I haven't seen my water this clear ever! I debated over this model or an equivalent Eheim and I feel I made a great choice considering the cost of the two. Highly recommended.

Contributed by Ed

I have a 125 G and I set it up using two XP-3's. I have been more than pleased. They are quiet, have great flow and have been very reliable. I had my tank WAY overstocked at one point and the FilStar's did the trick, no problem. Priming: I primed per the instructions the first time and after that have just filled the canister full under the kitchen faucet. Plug it in, attach the hoses and it starts right up. Much easier. Over one year service on these filters now. I clean about once a month.

Contributed by Coates Ronn

I have been running the XP3 now on an 80 G saltwater fish only tank. I am very happy with the unit. The only issue I have had is the tubing is very soft and pinches very easily. I had to put a support on the tubing to keep it from pinching off. I love the three trays and how easy it is too set up and service. I also own an EHEIM, but for the cost you cannot beat this unit.

Contributed by Mike Dionne

I just recently installed the XP3 on my 55 gallon tank. The filter is definitely not silent - there is a pretty noticeable hum to it. But I do like the large media capacity and the ease of use of the quick disconnect feature. Priming is ridiculously simple. Overall, I like the filter, think that it functions efficiently, and is a good purchase.

Contributed by a visitor

Purchased my XP3 a month ago, it is running nicely along side my Eheim 2229 Wet/Dry. I run a 640 L community tank, and the water is perfectly clear, using the XP3 for mechanical purposes. Maintenance is quick and easy and the self priming feature is fantastic. Used to have a Fluval 404 which is the worst filter to prime in the world. Had a little noise at one point, but found that turning the power off, removing the tubes and reconnecting solved the problem. Would recommend it to anyone.

Contributed by Ross Grant

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