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Emperor 400
Emperor 400

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Model Number 280 400
Flow Rate (L/H) 1060 1500
Aquarium Size (L) <180 <300
Flow Rate (GPH) 280 400
Aquarium Size (G) <50 <80

Marineland - Emperor Power Filters


I have had my Emperor Power Filter for 6 years. I have used many filtration systems and many brands of filters in my many years of keeping marine and freshwater fish, from power heads, undergravel filters, skimmers, and power filters. I am once again returning to my Emperor filter for my reef/marine tank as it is the best. In fact, I'm getting a 280 for a 75 L freshwater I have set up in my bedroom. Never again will I change brands of filters for my tanks.

Contributed by Joyce C

The Emperor 400 is a superior filter in every way. I hear some complaints about filter cartridge expense. Cut the back plastic grid and dump the carbon out. Rinse the blue floss weekly. You rarely need chemical filtration. The bypass free mechanical and awesome biological filtration along with regular aquarium maintenance is all you'll ever need to maintain clean and crystal clear water. Save some money in your wallet, and some time on maintenance. Skip the canisters that people rave about and buy an Emperor filter or two. The Emperor 400 is easy to maintain, which means you won't put off doing it. Bottom line: this filter blows them all away and I've used a lot of others. Biological filtration is by far the most important type and the Emporer 400 provides tons of it on the bio-wheels. You can add ceramic to the media containers too. For large systems I would use 2 or 3 Emperors but never a canister filter. 5 Stars...

Contributed by Pat

Although the Emperor power filter is very well liked overall, some have complained about the high cost of replacement pads. Aftermarket pads to fit the Emperor, and many other power filters, are sold by Imagine under the Bio 3 name. These pads have a hinged clamshell frame which sandwiches a floss bag containing charcoal, and a sponge, into one unit which fits the slot on the Emperor perfectly. When the floss bag becomes clogged, open the clamshell, throw away the bag, and either install a new bag, or cut a floss pad to fit from a roll of bulk floss. I've been doing this for several years on three Emperor 400's which I own, and using the Imagine Bio 3 keeps the costs of replacing filter pads extremely low.

Contributed by Ron Russell

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