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Emperor 280

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Model Number 280 400
Flow Rate (L/H) 1060 1500
Aquarium Size (L) <180 <300
Flow Rate (GPH) 280 400
Aquarium Size (G) <50 <80

Marineland - Emperor Power Filters


I just recently purchased an Emperor 400 for my 55 gallon cichlid tank. I am so impressed with the efficiency and quietness of this filter. My tank came with a top fin 60 filter which wasn't doing the job.

Contributed by Michael Deperna

This filter is great and the price isn't bad if you know where to buy it. I love the x-large bio-wheels. I also love how you can add either another cartridge or your own media. I don't really like the strainer though, things get stuck there because of the small holes.

Contributed by Pan Chan

I purchased the Emperor 280 about 2 months ago, and I must say, this is one of the best filters I've ever used. It's easily maintained and keeps my aquarium crystal clear. It's not cheap however, but despite its rather expensive price, I highly recommend it.

Contributed by Chris

I have two Emperor 400's. These are hands down the best power filters made. I've ran super kings, AC 500, large Whispers and such. None can compare with an E-400. I run 4 filter pads in each unit. Both filters are on my 450 L SA/CA tank and backed with a Filstar XP3 canister and a Magnum 350 with full time micron. The water's so clean it looks like the fish are floating in air :) I would only run these filters on a 300 liter tank or above. I've had them on 200 L tanks and the washing machine effect happens. Just too much filter for 200 L and smaller tanks. If one needs that much filter on a smallish tank for fish that are messy and or big, one needs a larger tank. As for maintenance, I pull the filters about twice a year for a good cleaning, floating the wheels in the tank. I clean my filter pads every week when I do my weekly water changes and to date i bet I havent bought more than 3 boxes of pads at four each per box. I just clean them in the sink and move on. A great filter to have for large tanks

Contributed by Jeff Townsley

Well, I had an Aquaclear 500 on a 280 L tank. The water was CONSTANTLY cloudy, the fish were dying, and for some reason the impeller kept breaking. But now I have an Emperor 400, and the water is doing MUCH better. There is no sign of disease or parasites, and it's a snap to do maintenance. It's super quiet, and it grows like billions of bacteria in it's little wheels. Oh, wait sorry, the wheels are actually quite large. All in all, 9.5 out of 10.


I have 2 Emperor 400's on a custom 55G saltwater fish tank. I know it's overkill. I barely have to touch the tank! I like the spray bar, and the 2 large bio-wheels. The refillable media containers are also a plus. It comes with a mid-level intake strainer, which provides mid-level filtration for your tank. Also comes with a filter flexbrush for cleaning, which was a nice suprise. Good deal and it is cheap.

Contributed by Dave

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